Something Remarkable with Ariel Welch of Treat Yourself Inc.

The Remarkable Wellness team believes there are many paths one can take to live a Remarkable Life. We have decided to share the stories of inspiring people we’ve come across who are are taking on Remarkable projects, businesses and lives in the realm of health, healing and transformation.

Today we’d like to introduce you to Ariel Welch (pictured above) of Treat Yourself Inc.

Let’s start with your story. Please tell us more about your work, and what you are currently focused on. 

I am the Co-Founder & Chief Product Formulator of Treat Yourself Inc; we create Holistic Self-Care Products Inspired by Nature. Our ingredients are of the highest quality, extremely pure, and carefully sourced. Products we make include: Whitening Clay Tooth Powders, Natural Deodorants, & Facial Serums/Masks/Moisturizers. I am also a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and help people reach their health goals through holistic nutrition and natural lifestyle interventions. I am going to be opening my online Holistic Nutrition coaching soon, if this is something you are interested in then please email me at to get on the list!

What inspired you to start this endeavor? I became extremely passionate about holistic nutrition and herbal medicine because they healed me when I was in my darkest times. I feel it is my duty to help others realize the power of living in harmony with nature and want to support people through the transition to a healthier lifestyle.

What kinds of personal transformation have you experienced? The most prominent transformation took place in 2013, while I was studying Neuroscience & Psychology at UC Santa Cruz. Back then I didn’t know anything about nutrition; I was depressed, out of shape, and had low self-confidence. One morning I woke up and had the realization that I needed to change, that I was not living my life to full potential and that I was meant for so much greater. In that moment I decided to radically shift my mindset and food habits. I did hours (and hours) of research on nutrition and learned how toxic my fast-food lifestyle truly was. After seeing the truth of everything, there was no going back. The only way I could go was forward, teaching myself how to cook from scratch so that I could nourish my body with real food. Everything I am working on and currently doing with my life stems from that moment in time, I am extremely grateful for that awakening.

What kind of impact do have or hope to have on the community/world? I hope to inspire people to live their best lives and to take charge of their health. Our motto at Treat Yourself is Be Your Own Healer, and my mission truly is to support others in becoming their own healer and health advocate. I love teaching people and I believe I have an intrinsic ability to take complicated topics and make them easier to digest. With this ability, I hope to help people understand how their bodies work so that they can be fully empowered to switch up their habits and make lasting change. We create natural skincare at Treat Yourself because we want to revolutionize the industry and prove that natural products can be enjoyable and affordable as well. The hope is for our products to be sold worldwide so that more people can have access to safer skincare. We use our blog and social media platforms to educate people on the detrimental effects of conventional body care products and why they should choose natural for their health.

Why is this remarkable in today’s world? Even though there is growing support for holistic therapies and natural healers, it is still against the grain in mainstream society. It is hard to speak up about topics that are controversial or not widely accepted. I want to use my voice to speak for people who don’t feel strong enough to use their own, I want to be a guiding light for people who feel they are entrenched in darkness. Even if that means backlash from people who don’t accept or want to believe what I am teaching.

What is your vision for the future? That more and more people wake up to the reality that Big Food & Big Pharma control our conventional medical system and that we truly need to advocate for our own health during times of stress & dis-ease. My ideal future would be the rise of acceptance that nature has our best interest and that we should look for answers from practitioners who work in accordance with natural medicine. I think we are already on that path and that gives me great joy.

If you would like to get in touch with Ariel, check out her Social Links:

Instagram: @wellnesswithariel + @treatyourselfinc


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